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Ute’s Language Lounge is the place where I share my passion for languages.

I speak, read and write 6 languages fluently, and try to use them all on a daily basis.

I taught Linguistics at University level and enjoy teaching German, Italian and French to adults at higher level.

I am a Language Consultant at my “other” Lounge.

On this site I share my tips for multilingual families who want their children to grow up with multiple languages.

My languages are Italiano, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands, English, Schwitzertüütsch (Swissgerman) and a few Italian dialects – that, alas, I don’t speak on a regular basis anymore. – I have studied Latin, Old French and Old Provençal (my Dr. thesis), but these are all languages from the past… – And…I’m currently improving my Spanish (level B1).


What this site is about

What is language?

  • Language represents experience – Plato
  • Language originates from emotions – Rousseau
  • Language originates from rational and logical thought – Kant
  • Philosophy is the real study of language – Wittgenstein
  • Language can be  analyzed as a formal system of differential elements, the sign. – De Saussure

Where do languages come from, how do they evolve, why do they evolve and change the way they do, and where are they going?…

On this site I will share my knowledge and thoughts and invite experts and language-lovers to do the same! ~ Ute



Hi, I’m Ute


“I am all the languages I speak…” – and languages are my passion.


“Learning languages helps us understand and accept each other and our differences.  It opens doors to fresh experiences and allows us to build bridges between different communities.”


I am fluent in 6 languages and talk several dialects.


I am a Language Consultant and I help families who talk several languages foster all their languages and the cultures that comes with them.

I am a passionate multilingual linguist and…

  • consult about best practices when raising children with multiple languages by bridging between scientific research and families’ interests and challenges
  • design a tailored language plan for your family that will help you and your family maintain and improve your languages during your international journey
  • mediate between parents and teachers and health professionals
  • train teachers about best practices in multilingual classrooms

Please contact me here.


You can find out more about my background on my professional homepage, my professional website Ute’s International Lounge, and my blog Expat-Since-Birth.


Being multilingual is possessing multiple souls

What Charlemagne / Karl der Große / Charles the Great / Carlo Magno said about bilinguals: Avoir une deuxième langue, c’est posséder une seconde âme. Eine zweite Sprache zu sprechen bedeutet, eine zweite Seele zu haben. Parlare una seconda lingua significa possedere una seconda anima. To have a second language is to possess a second …


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